Petmaker Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray


Ensure that your pet gets all the nutrition he or she needs with every meal, minus the mess, with this PETMAKER Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray. This product is designed with non-skid rubber bumpers to prevent it from sliding. The dog feeding tray has raised sides to help reduce splashes, keeping liquid and food on the tray. It also has raised circular edges built into the unit itself to secure two 8.5″ food or water bowls. It comes in a neutral light gray color that will easily match your existing interiors. This dishwasher-safe tray is a convenient solution to common pet messes associated with meal times.

Petmaker Non-Skid Pet Bowl Tray:

  • Light gray color
  • Non-skid rubber bumpers prevent sliding
  • Raised splash guard prevents spillage
  • Raised circular edges help keep bowls in place
  • Secures two 8-1/2″ food/water bowls
  • Dishwasher-safe tray prevents post meal time messes
  • Dimensions: 21″L x 10.5″W x 3.5″H
  • Dog feeding tray helps to keep food on the tray and liquids off the floor
  • Stays in place no matter how excited your dog gets with his or her meal
  • Neutral color easily matches with your existing interiors
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