Pet Cat Bed, Comfortable Felt Pets Basket Bed Portable


  • 1.Perfect for cat nest: This basket bed is perfect for pets that like to lay on the warm soft Cashmere blanket!
  • 2.Easy on joints:The basket bed is made by comfortable felt material, there’s a warm soft cashmere blanket. Comfortable Felt helps to evenly distribute body weight, soothe pressure points, and promote better air circulation for a deeper, more restorative sleep.
  • 3.Product size: 45*32*19.5cm
  • 4.Item weight: 0.22kg
  • 5.Easy to clean: you only need to wash the cashmere blanket most of time, and it’s easy to clean the basket bed even it’s dirty, because it made by comfortable felt material. It’s easy to clean by hands..
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